Applying for a job


When applying as well as in the job interview, the first impression is crucial. How do I apply correctly?

Your application shall include:

Covering letter
In the covering letter the following questions should be answered:

  •             For which position / which apprenticeship you want to apply?
  •             By which date?
  •             Why?
  •             What are your special skills?

Curriculum Vitae
The CV should include at least:

  •             Personal data (name, address, phone contact, etc.)
  •             Parents
  •             Marital status, children
  •             School career
  •             Internships
  •             Special skills (knowledge of foreign languages??, IT, etc.)
  •             Hobbies


  •             Most recent certificate right after the CV
  •             at least two copies of the last certificates


  •             Internships
  •             Workshops, Tutorials
  •             Other

Be sure about

  •             Priority 1 = neat + tidy
  •             Plastic folder or binder clamp (not individual sheets or films)
  •             Covering letter max. 1 page
  •             CV max. 1 page
  •             Covering letter and CV must be signed!

Job interview

  •             Be yourself!
  •             Punctuality
  •             Friendly appearance, neat clothing
  •             Perfect knowledge of your CV
  •             Acquire a basic knowledge about the company
  •             Ask questions