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Founded in 1969 as Saarpor Kunststoffe Wilhelm KG in Neunkirchen, Germany, the company is now called Saarpor Klaus Eckhardt GmbH Neunkirchen Kunststoffe KG and is a medium-sized company steeped in tradition, producing and selling polystyrene decorative and insulation products throughout the world.

We are an international company that stands for innovative product solutions in the home improvement store sector and integrated customised solutions.

As well as our decorative and insulation products, we also manufacture technical moulded parts to the highest quality standards.


Our values.
Sound foundation.

Our values are based on fundamental pillars, which we maintain in our dealings with business partners, employees and society in general.

Openness and trust
Our corporate culture thrives on open communication between employees and also in our relations with our business partners. In this way, we create the foundations for collaboration based on trust.

We only promise what we are able to fulfill, we consider promises to be commitments and act according to law.

Fairness and respect
Fairness and respect in our work within the company and with business partners are prerequisites for our success.

Responsibility and sustainability
We act efficiently and responsibly for the good of society and the environment.

Forward thinking
We pay attention to high quality standards for our products and stand for an innovative working environment.

Tolerance and humanity
Our corporate culture is characterized by tolerance, equality, openness and humanity. We oppose racism, discrimination, suppression and all forms of violence

The product


Decoration products for stylish interior design,
such as covings, rosettes, ceiling tiles, 3D wall tattoos, imitations of wooden beams and boards, decorative stones.

Products for interior insulation,
such as insulation wallpaper and tiles as well as pipe insulation.

Technical moulded parts
for the areas of insulation, transport protection and functional components, such as: fittings for under-floor heating systems, transport protection for beverage packaging or for electrical appliances and industrial specialty applications.



Saarpor Klaus Eckhardt GmbH
Neunkirchen Kunststoffe KG
Krummeg 3-7
66539 Neunkirchen

Tel.: 06821 9407-0