Philippine Produkte

Sales promotion

What draws attention at home, must also be presented at the DIY store as an eye catcher. So it is necessary to give the customer ideas and make them visible on the shelf. Animating space examples in the high zone, coupled with high-quality idea brochures and easily understandable product communications are essential as a decision support.

Here it is important to bridge the gap between the creative ideas in the media and communication concepts on the shelf. Numerous TV spots and lifestyle magazines pick up the wide range of possible combinations within the theme "interior design" and offer the DIY customers always valuable templates for developing their own creative ideas.

Graphics and text

"A picture says more than 1000 words". For eye-catching staging of the Saarpor assortment, professional imaging and graphic data are required.

Whether separately presented product pictures, animate living room examples or detailed 3D interpretations, Saarpor supports retail with high-quality data material for all print and online applications.



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